Qawwalis at Talent Night – WYC Day 12

August 17, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

Woke up nice and early for another morning meditation that was attended by the same regulars who had been coming for two weeks, as well as a few newbies.  For the first time, we had a mostly silent meditation, using only a couple affirmations to get into the state of meditation.  Many of the new meditators commented on how they were finding it easier and easier to get into this state of silence every day.

We took it easy in the day with lots of rest and some practice for Congress’s Talent Show which would be later in the night.  After dinner it was time to get to the stage.  We met up with around 10 Turkish friends of ours who would be performing with us.    After an hour or so of some amazing cultural acts – it was our turn.   We had 10 minutes, so we performed two Congress favorites – Ayi Diwali and Jogawa.  Unfortunately, we had only 3 mikes (and about 15 musicians) but nonetheless we sang and played our hearts out.  The reaction was great, people were dancing and clapping along, totally enjoying these classic Indian songs.  At the end we handed out the last of our seeker packets (meaning that we gave out a total of 750).  Basically the performance was awsome and a great way to end the congress.