Sent All Over Turkey – WYC Days 6-10

August 14, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

After the mad rush of workshops and exhibits, the 10 of us were divided up into different groups called “families” and were sent by bus to different cities all over Turkey for 4 days to do an action project that was intended to help Turkey in some way.  Some of the places we went to included Izmir, Bursa, and Konya, to name a few.

Each of us had incredibly different experiences and all did different work such as painting schools, planting trees, and helping out at youth camps.  We were also taken to see historical monuments and events such as the grave of Rumi, the ancient caves, and the Sufi dancers.

In the midst of all of this, some of us had the opportunity to conduct regular morning or evening meditations with our ‘families’.  This was the perfect way to end each action filled and busy day – by the end of these short days many of our group members knew how to work on themselves and others, as well as use simple meditation techniques (such as affirmations) to balance themselves during the day.

After the projects were completed, we all returned to Istanbul where we would finish out the last few days of the congress.