Taking It To The Streets – Turkey Tour Day 4

August 20, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

After a chill day of swimming, jet skiing, and fun, we jumped on the bus for a little bit of sight-seeing.  We hiked up a mountain to see a temple of Athena and an ancient outdoor auditorium. A few hours later, night had arrived, the city was pumping, and we were finally ready for our first day of street-realization.  We set up a make-shift stage on a crowded boardwalk, put up our stands, and started playing qawwalis.  While the musicians set the tone, the others went around the street flyering and teaching a simple meditation.  It was a great location, and we met tons of people, not only from Turkey, but from Germany, America, England etc.  We finished around midnight, grabbed a quick kebap, and headed back to our hotel for another late night swim.  That night we probably taught around 600 people how to meditate.