World Youth Congress Day 2

August 7, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

Today we were pleasantly surprised to find several new people had come at 7am to join for morning meditation. We found a lovely grass area on the campus and meditated together for 20-30 minutes. The atmosphere and the depth of meditation was astoundingly deep and peaceful.

Today from 10AM through 19:30 people began flooding the exhibition hall and many came to experience meditation at our booth. We were all amazed at the ease at which each person got their self-realization and experience of meditation. At times so many people would want to have the experience that we would have to sit them all down on the floor. Also depth of experiences that the attendees to our booth were having amazed us.

The first workshop of the congress took place today at from 12pm to 13:30. Approximately 80 people came to attend the workshop which took place in a sports hall. The workshop flowed nicely and was well received by all. Afterward some people stayed behind to have us help them deepen their experience of meditation.

That night at 2200 our music and dancer were invited to perform for the ‘Cultural Night.’ In the sports hall our dancer performed her first piece, then we all went forward and invited everyone to have an experience of meditation. Following that another dance piece was performed and enjoyed by all.

Due to technical difficulties we were unable to perform with our music group in the sports hall. Thus, we decided to invite everyone up near our dormitories to enjoy the music.

When we arrived at the dorms we found that very few were there (as there were other cultural events taking place in different locations at the same time). Just to clear the air and lift our spirits we decided to  sing our a few songs.

Afterward the idea came to us that we should see if the main stage was open and the mock Pakistani Wedding had come to an end. So we took all our instruments and went off to the stage.

At the stage a group of 100-150 were dancing in the post-wedding gleeful style. We made a request to the organizers of the event if we could sing a few Indian and Panjabi tunes/qawwalis. The Pakistani and Turkish organizers were open and very interested to see our performance. We quickly set up and got the show on the road.

The people in the crowd stayed and enjoyed as we sang out Ise Lie. We were pleasantly surprised as the entire Pakistani Delegation got up and danced feverishly to Jogawa.

However, the most joyful moment had to be when we broke out with the Qawwalı ‘Dam Mast Kalandar.’ Mid-song, most of the Pakistani Delegates rushed the stage and began singing and dancing their hearts out. We were all overwhelmed with joy and a sense of being together.

(Pictures will be posted soon)