World Youth Congress Day 3

August 7, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

Our group grew larger for the 7am meditation today. For the meditation we used the elements as a means to deepen our meditation. We first walked through the dew that was covering the grass. In this we utilized the elements of the earth and water. We then sat on the grass with the sun at our backs thus using the light and earth elements.

We were so many people present from so many different countries. As a result of our dynamic group, we all experienced a very powerful and blissful state of meditation.

Our booth at the exhibit opened at 10AM and went on until 2000. Throughout the day, many eager people came to have the experience of  Sahaja Meditation. With each person that came the atmosphere grew more joyful and peaceful. In total around 150 people came and enjoyed the experience of Sahaja Meditation.

Following dinner all members of the World Youth Congress we invited to attend a boat tour on the Bhosphorus Sea. At 2100 all attendees of the WYC were waiting outside the dorms for the busses to come. We decided to bring out our instruments and sing out a few songs. The music was much appreciated by all. People enjoyed as they clapped and danced along with us.