World Youth Congress Day 4

August 8, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

Today’s meditation at 7am consisted of some new people returning and some others who came for the first time. This morning we did a meditation with specific focus on using our attention to help us go deeper. The early morning silence and light provided the perfect setting for our group. One could tangibly feel how with each day the level of meditation was growing exponentially. After the meditation we all walked to the dinning hall and shared our experiences together.

This morning at 10AM we conducted a workshop about the relationship of Meditation and Education . . . (This part will be updated by the coordinators of that workshop)

In addition today we opened our booth at the exhibition at 10AM. Again a steady flow of people from all over the world came to have their experience of effortless mental silence. Each person who came to meditate seemed to have a truly powerful and deep experience. One person even sat for 45 minutes in complete silence and then said afterward, “Wow, I have never experienced anything like that before. It was as if I was completely with my self and nothing around me could bother me at all.”

Each person who attended on of our workshops or the booth was given a “seeker’s packet” consisting of introductory information about Sahaja Meditation and several techniques on how to meditate. Also in the packet is a CD with a guided meditation and some music for meditation.

(Photos will be added shortly)