World Youth Congress Day 5

August 8, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

Today for the 7am morning meditation we had a nice mix of people who had come before and those who came for the first time. For today we began with a guided meditation while sitting on the grass. We then got into groups of three (with one experienced meditator and two newer meditators) and shared how we can used vibrations to balance the chakras (subtle energy centers) of ourselves and others. Everyone was able to feel how the use of our inner energy can bring us into balance and thereby a deeper state of mental silence.

Today at 10AM we conducted a workshop about music and how it can help us to meditate. For the workshop there were 50-60 participants. The workshop focused on the tradition of Indian Music. Songs and ragas were used to demonstrate how we can go deeper into meditation with music and how music can clear our chakras (subtle energy centers). The workshop attendees enjoyed the music and went on asking for encore after encore. One young woman come after the workshop and said, “I cannot believe how well it worked. I was really surprised because in the past few days I have been very busy and having a lot of stressful thoughts, but now I feel so calm inside.”

Today was the last day for the booth at the exhibition. Yet still from 10am until 7:30 there were people consistently stopping by to get their self-realization. It was so lovely to see people from so many countries enjoying the experience of Sahaja Meditation. Everyone easily felt their own inner energy as it awakened and brought them into a state of peace.

In the evening at 1800 the workshop about Music and Meditation was conducted. All who attended enjoyed thoroughly.

(Photos will be posted shortly)