April 2015
Our current project has been designed to provide follow-up to the groups and organizations we have worked with, who have been using our meditation techniques and would like to go continue learning more advanced methods of using their inner potential. We will also be working with new partners who have expressed their interest learning meditation and providing workshops for their staff, volunteers and members.

October 2013
After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response during our first Jordan tour six months earlier, we returned with a team of 23 volunteers to work in the Za'atari refugee camp, more closely with Save the Children one of the largest and most well respected NGOs in the region. We focused on providing workshops to over 1,500 children as well as in-depth workshops and support to 500 staff. Our workshops and meditation techniques taught psycological resilience to relieve various forms of post traumatic stress disorders and improve general wellbeing and increase working efficiency of the NGO's staff. We also went to some Palestinian Refugee camps and organized events for the previous participants we worked with in April.

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From the Blog

  • Staff Member, Save The Children

    Thank you for the great workshop. I felt so relieved, this exercise is exactly what I need. What I really loved was the positive spirit of the trainers. I hope this type of workshop happens more often!

  • Staff Member, Save The Children

    The workshop was very comforting. I found the information so interesting and it helps us relax from the pressure of our work. Thank you for helping us!

  • Staff Member, Save The Children

    The workshop was excellent! I felt so relieved. The heaviness in my body went away. I felt relief and security.